War on the horizon? – ANG throws down challenge to Tommy Lee

The Bounty Killer-led Alliance Next Generation (ANG) has launched a musical attack on Vybz Kartel’s protége, Tommy Lee, following the release of the song Goat Head.

The song is believed to be aimed at Bounty Killer.

According to ANG, any artiste who wants to challenge Bounty Killer has to deal with them first.

So far, five members of ANG have released songs geared at defending Bounty Killer.

Kalado is featured in a song with fellow Alliance member KipRich called War Fi God which challenges Tommy Lee’s demonic lyrics; Pattexx has a single called Rise Di Beast in which he warns Tommy Lee to stop or else; Prince Pin’s effort titled Demon A Dead pronounces death on Tommy Lee’s demon moniker; Nymron’s single Hog Head is an obvious counteraction to Tommy Lee’s Goat Head; and finally Iyara’s Murda Dem defends Bounty Killer’s honour.

“Mi nuh duh a song fi dis Tommy Lee, mi duh a song fi defend the General. Tommy Lee guh call di General name suh him haffi pass me fuss,” Iyara said.

Iyara says if Tommy Lee wants to prove his musical worth he should challenge him at Sting.

“Mi nah duh mi song fi get nuh hype offa Tommy Lee because mi have mi own career a focus pan. Mi duh song fi guh straight a Sting cross the waters. Mi nuh duh song mi aggo only play pon mixtape and pon corner, a straight pon di battlefield a Sting. Some bwoy a call up people name and fraid fi defend it a Sting. Wi nah start war or violence but wi a defend wi camp – so from yu call di boss name wi coming at yu,” Iyara said.

Iyara also issued his and ANG’s official warning to Tommy Lee and his management.

“Him pass him place and call di general name and if him sing another song mi have another one. Worse if him call my name him mek a sad mistake. Suh mek Heavy D dem gwaan boost yu because career a di easiest thing fi kill but the hardest fi buil’,” he said.

Ghost writer and ANG member Nymron shared similar views. Nymron says the camp has no hatred for Tommy Lee, however Tommy Lee has no place insulting Bounty Killer.

“Wi nuh have nuh hatred against Tommy Lee, mi respect him talent but nuh artiste neva bring demon inna wi good good dancehall. Bounty Killer made a mature speech as an elder and icon to say it’s wrong and Tommy Lee decided to respond negatively so I decided to defend the camp. It would look a way fi Tommy Lee a dis the General and wi nuh seh nutt’n,” he continued.

“Yu mus know seh a God mek yu and love God and live, hate him and die, a just morals. Yu have talent suh jus duh music and if yu bad call one a wi name cuz yu nuh inna Killer class,” Nymron said.

Iyara is expected to tour Canada for five weeks in October and Nymron is promoting his single Swear, produced by PayDay Music.

“And di people dem pon YouTube weh a chat bout wi a look hype offa Tommy Lee know weh unno a seh. Mi a guh England and US guh perform long time and Tommy Lee just guh England wha day, a long time wi a duh dis, suh know dat,” Nymron said.

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