Alley Cat says there will be ‘Days Like These’ in new single

alleyProminent Jamaican entertainer, Alley Cat a.k.a ‘The Imperial’ has kicked off his 2013 campaign with the release of a new track sure to alert society of the times we all live in.
The CEO of Imperial Productions recently unveiled his thought-provoking single, Days Like These as he speaks of the struggles and dangers experienced daily through Jamaica’s inner cities. Alley Cat takes us into his world with Day Like These, outlining his trials and tribulations as a youth, experiencing nightmares of the crime and violence he witnessed in his neighbourhood.
Using classical elements meshed with a pounding beat, Alley Cat immediately sows lyrical seeds in the thoughts of music lovers as he recalls,“Memba from di age a 4, mi see machine mek head a bore,” as he recalls the days when his mother slept on the floor and used various remedies to help soothe his physical and mental scars.
However, through all the strife surrounding him, Alley Cat’s mother steered him in the direction that ultimately led to his present day success as he eloquently points out in the chorus. “Mama tell me, ‘Yuh see da road deh? Nuh choose it. Yuh see da two pound a iron deh? Nuh use it. Jus’ bill and gwaan work pon yuh music..and him will shine him light on you.”
Days Like These shows Alley Cat’s willingness and dedication to uplift the people and said people, including industry players, have responded positively to the track. To further illustrate his messages of inspiration and hope, The Imperial released a video for Days Like These. The visuals can not only be seen across RETV, HYPE TV and CVM TV, it has become a favourite amongst Caribbean television networks in South Florida. \
This commendable effort by Alley Cat is just a sample of the entertainer’s commitment to being more than just a singer or deejay, but a leader of change amongst his people throughout 2013 and beyond. To follow up on this success, Alley Cat promises more uplifting songs for his fans as he’s currently working on a new single and video which will drop simultaneously.
You can buy Days Like These on iTunes and check out the official video via YouTube.
Whether enjoying success of battling failure, as Alley Cat has, Mama said there would be Days Like These.

Bounty Killer overcomes boos, sand-throwing incident at beach event

Though iconic Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer has long indicated his desire not to clash ‘Gaza’ deejay Tommy Lee Sparta anytime soon, some of Tommy Lee’s fans apparently tried to answer some of the Grung Gaad’s taunts on his behalf.

Two weeks ago, the internet world went abuzz following video showing Tommy Lee Sparta being booed while performing at the CHUG IT beach party in Portmore, St. Catherine. Despite being well-received by the crowd for a majority of his set, Lee got an ear full from patrons when making disparaging remarks about Bounty Killer after singing his hit track, P**** Mechanic. Then Tommy Lee Sparta, who later denied the incident even took place, received another chorus of boos while performing at Rum Punch later that weekend for once again speaking about Bounty, alleging that the Alliance leader orchestrated a plot to have fans turn against him at the show.
Bounty Killer’s performance at CHUG IT sparked some controversy, but the ‘War Lord’ was not too affected by some fan behaviour expressed towards him.
Bounty Killer performs at CHUG IT alongside Bling dawg and ANG (December 16, 2012)

This past weekend, Bounty Killer took the stage at Chug It alongside fellow Alliance deejays Bling Dawg, Iyara and a host of others. Just moments after taking to the stage and performing Badman Kill Fi Fun, Bounty was forced to defend himself after some fans threw sand at the deejay, hurling boos in his direction in an apparent reprisal for the Tommy Lee Sparta incident two weekends prior.

However, Bounty Killer would have none of it, repeatedly stopping the show to verbally undress said fans with others in the crowd cheering him on

At one point, he said, “Dem instigate fi fling bokkle pon me a Follow Di Arrow. I neva retaliate. A nuff ting dem do mi career and mi stand fi 20 (years). Tell a man, don’t mess with what you cannot destroy.”

Though veteran deejay, Nitty Kutchie tried to intervene after concerns were raised about Bounty’s continued use of expletives during his set, the Alliance deejay did not waver as he finished his solo set before inviting Alliance Next Generation stars, Patexx and Kalado to the stage to perform with him.

Bounty Killer recently returned his deposit to STING 2012 organizers, ending any chance of a clash between himself and Tommy Lee Sparta at the show. Nevertheless, it seems the tension between the Alliance and Gaza deejay and their fans will continue long beyond the Boxing Day event.

Spice answers Macka Diamond: Calls her a donkey

Sting look like it really a go hot this year because Spice and Macka a go clash. Macka release song last week a say Spice live inna rent house and get put out all the time cause she bruk and caan pay her rent but now Spice answer Macka and a say she a donkey.

Konshens Featured as Celebrity Guest Judge on Americas Next Top Model

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New York, NY (October 30, 2012). International dancehall recording artist Konshens continues to raise the bar. On Friday, October 26, 2012 Americas Next Top Model (ANTM) cycle 19 aired episode 9, which was filmed on the island of Jamaica.

Americas Next Top Model is a reality television series, which a number of women compete for the title of ANTM and a chance to start their own modeling career. Created and Co-produced by supermodel, talk show host Tyra Banks, Americas Next Top Model is now airing in over 25 countries.

Like every week the models are faced with a challenge and this week was no exception. For their challenge the ladies were split into pairs and told to choreograph their own dancehall routine. To assist as a celebrity judge, ANTM made sure to call on one of the islands hottest dancehall recording artist, Konshens.Konshens was selected as this weeks celebrity guest judge and his chart topping song ‘Do Sumn’ was the featured song for the challenge. Prior to creating their own routine the ladies were given a two minute preview of what a hardcore dancehall routine should look like by a few Jamaican dancers. Some key pointers were given to the models teaching them how to incorporate the ‘in your face’ ‘dancehall attitude’ into their routine.

Konshens critiqued the models and looked for the pair who best exemplified ‘dancehall swagger’. He selected the winners, who received $3000.00 worth of jewelry from designer Bianca Bartley of ‘Peace-is of Bianca’.

Lady Saw To Marry Cheating Boyfriend who just got another woman pregnant [video]

Dancehall reigning queen Lady Saw has decided to go public with her boyfriend John John infidelity.

Earlier this month rumors surfaced online, allegeing that John John, who has been dating Saw for 17 years, has gotten another woman pregnant.

The “I Got Your Man” deejay drop a few hints on Twitter just leaving fans to read between the lines.

“I knew it but was only waiting to confirm now it now it is confirm so where do I go from here,” Lady Saw tweeted.

“Good night ladies N gentlemen talk soon need to make plans for the big one this was just quick like the time some gal get from mi man ROL,” Lady Saw added on Twitter the following day.

In a recent interview with Irie FM Radio, Saw confirmed that her producer boyfriend did got another woman pregnant but she is okay with it.

“I am not allowing anyone to break up me and my man of 17 years,” Lady Saw said.

“Once he is not with another man I am fine… Everybody cheat because I am not perfect myself, who is perfect cast the first stone… I have so many miscarriages so maybe these are the sons that he should get and I couldn’t give him, so she can do the carrying and I do the marrying,” Lady Saw continues.

Lady Saw joined the ranks of Mr. Vegas and Vybz Kartel with cheating spouse drama

This would not be the first time news surfaced alleging that the dancehall queen boyfriend of 17 years, John John, cheated on her. But this time he got one of Lady Saw’s neighbours pregnant.

Last week Lady Saw dropped a few hints on Twitter

“Looking out from my balcony thinking to myself NO NOT AGAIN”

“Its been a sad day for me but we all have a story only problem is when will I tell mine.”

“I knew it but was only waiting to confirm now it now it is confirm so where do I go from here.”

“I was lied to by both party so who do I blame him or her or should I blame both.”

“I have a bad feeling something gonna happen to me but can’t put my finger on it what els could after what I just discover.” (Lady Saw Twitter)

There are some speculations that the female in question is a dancehall artist that John John do some producing work for.

Lady Saw told Mr. Vegas on Twitter that the two should do a song together and grieve together.

“Vagas mi have di baddest tune fi mi and u do but if we do it now it and heels on a go be # 1 N2 so maybe we should wait.” Saw tweeted.

But unlike Vegas, Lady Saw seems to get over her hurt very quickly.

“Some gal get mi man d–k fi a few minuets but mi get him heart forever ask him,” Saw wrote on Twitter.