Mavado talks about the feud between him & Bounty Killer

bounty killerMavadoDancehall star, Mavado has opened up about his ongoing feud with former mentor and Alliance leader, Bounty Killer, claiming a lack of respect, among other things have cause the falling out between the two deejays.

Mavado appeared on CVM’s OnStage talk show, aired Saturday night, speaking from the We The Best Music Group headquarters about the issues between himself and Bounty. In the interview, Mavado held nothing back, joking that Bounty must be ‘mixing Hennessey with crack,’ after questioning his loyalty to the Alliance and calling him a ‘sellout,’ saying he’s always shown his ex-mentor respect.

Must watch!!,Immperial talks about the Jamican music inductry and latest projects PT 1&2

DSC00202Reggae/Dancehall artiste and producer Immperial formerly known as Alley Cat talks about life in Jamaica,the music industry and his latest musical projects.
take a look at these videos and see the tremendous growth and professionalism of this artiste. As the artiste said it can only get better with the type of music

Imperial Alley Cat wants young people to stop ‘Idling’

impEntertainer and producer, Imperial Alley Cat has long been an advocate for progress in his music as evidenced in his new single, Idling, which explores why young people are constantly confronted by regression in their daily lives.

Idling sums up the current status of Jamaica’s youth in a society which hardly affords them the opportunity to make something out of their lives and develop skill sets beneficial to the island’s development. Too many young Jamaicans are either jobless or uneducated, thus leading them astray into criminality, unwanted pregnancy or wandering the streets, all points Imperial Alley Cat illustrates in his plea to politicians to allow them quality opportunities.

“No work mek idle heads get hot, dem hungry so dem nah go tek no chat, go rob up Babylon, shoot it, drop, jus’ fi put some food inna pot,” he deejays as he implores the government to “stop di yappity yap,’ and act before the country’s future is continuously put at risk

The official video for Idling was released in late April and features cameos from friend and fellow prominent deejay, Mavado as well as his protégé, Karian Sang. It gives an eye-opening tour through Kingston’s inner cities, showing how deep this problem as he seeks to encourage young people to keep the faith and stay out of trouble as they try to help themselves and their families out of difficult situations.

Known for songs like Why, No More Garrison and Days Like These, Imperial Alley Cat has proven he is a champion for poor people’s causes and uses his lyrics to make people conscious of their reality instead of numbing their minds with fantasy. Idling is a cry to ensure that every young person’s potential is fulfilled and to truly make Jamaica reach unlimited heights.

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Imperial drops teaser video for new track Idling

Idleing promo video.Still002Imperial alley cat new single Idling is already a crowd favorite. The track talks about the social injustice young people face daily and how hard it is to get employment even with proper qualification.

The song stresses on the fact that Government of any nation must seek for investors to invest and create more opportunities for the people.

The song goes on to mention that crime, prostitution and other illegalities will take place when people don’t have anything to do but sit around idling their time away.  Check the video below.