Rihanna kicked out of famed Abu Dhabi mosque over racy photos

Rihanna-at-mosque-in-Abu-Dhabi-October-2013 Though she covered up — by her standards — in a head-to-toe black form-fitting outfit, complete with a hijab headcovering, the 25-year-old pop star clearly didn’t get the memo on the spirit of Islamic law. In photos that were posted on her Instagram site, Rihanna could be seen posing in several provocative poses with lips pancaked in ruby red lipstick a no-no for a society that stresses covering up women’s sexuality.

“She left without entering the mosque, after being asked to do so, due to the fact that she had taken some pictures that do not conform with the conditions and regulations put in place by the Centre’s management to regulate visits in a way that takes the status and sanctity of the mosque into consideration,” a representative for the mosque told local media outlets in a statement.
The mosque spokesperson added that “the singer” came for a private tour to the mosque at a gate that is not meant for visitors — without identifying herself or coordinating the visit in advance.

The mammoth Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the largest religious center in the United Arab Emirates. Named after the late ruler of the country, it’s become one of the highest-profile mosques in the region since it opened in 2007.

Rihanna covered up for her concert in the United Arab Emirates’ capital Saturday night — a Bedouin inspired look she dubbed “Empress RiRi.”

The Hype Magazine Interviews w/ Alley Cat aka Imperial

imp in redLongevity and consistency are two of the hardest things to achieve in a music industry that is increasingly demanding and impulsive by the moment. For one, Imperial Alley Cat, he has stood the test of time, adjusting to music’s unpredictable atmosphere.

Albert Richards long desired to decorate the music industry with his concepts and lyrical dexterity ever since his childhood. During his childhood days, Richards would often practice his craft during break time at school and would roam through various inner cities across Kingston and study legendary sound systems such as Stone Love and Swatch Intl. as Dancehall pioneers such as Shabba, Ninja Man and Super Cat would perform.

Watching Dancehall legends and understanding the standard expected in the industry motivated Imperial Alley Cat to ply his trade in music full-time; performing at various concerts and club venues across Europe and North America and going to music school, where he learned to perform the guitar as well as the ins and outs of studio production. He also caught the eye of veteran producer and Penthouse Records CEO, Donovan Germain after recording the song, Suspense on the classic Saddest Day Riddim; opening doors to links with the likes of Shocking Vibes, Dave Kelly’s Mad House Records, Beenie Man, Wayne Wonder and Buju Banton, who helped him to hone his vocal skills, amongst other elements.

From there, this ‘Cat’ was on the proverbial prowl, dropping three hit albums: Imperial Level, Dancehall Knowledge: Vol. 1 and Dancehall Knowledge: Vol. 2. Singles such as Why, Elevate My People, Miss Virtuous (feat. Ikaya), Finally, Rough Society and Days Like These have not only showed Alley Cat’s ability to get fans to enjoy themselves listening to his music, but also gather important social and emotional messages that allow them to connect with his lyrics.

Additionally, Imperial Alley Cat’s understanding of the production world has allowed him to produce and create rhythms for the likes of Mavado, Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel, Lutan Fyah, Harry Toddler, Fiona and Luciano as well as German Reggae sensation, Gentleman. Imperial performed alongside some of Dancehall’s biggest names such as Sean Paul, Shaggy, Sizzla and Beenie Man.
His work ethic remains as strong as ever, recording more singles, including his new single, Idling, which begs for opportunities for young people to keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

A career spanning three different decades, Imperial has endured the obstacles and stayed relevant through his thought-provoking concepts and intelligence of the game. His commitment is unquestioned and considering the mix of these qualities with his various talents, this artist aspires to continue providing good music and encouraging people to strive for better, as he does professionally and personally each day.

Who is Alley Cat aka Imperial, and where are you from?

Alley Cat aka Imperial is a Humble, observing, well focus, discipline and hardworking individual who always thrive for the best in whatever I do. I am originally from the Western side of Kingston, Jamaica.

How did you discover your musical talent?

I discovered my musical talent when I was 13 after realizing I could spit and write rhymes easily, also in school my classmates would always cheer me on when I was singing a song during lunch breaks.

Who has been your greatest inspirations musically and why?

My greatest inspirations comes from many great artist who execute with a nice melody, good sounding vocals with a message that teaches and uplifts the people in a positive way.

What do you feel you offer the music industry that we don’t already have in other performers?

In the music industry where Jamaican music is concerned you have Reggae and Dancehall artists. What I offer is both sides perfectly which many artist can’t. I can do a great reggae track like a Bob Marley and a Dancehall track like a Beenie Man. This give you more street credibility and respect from the fans. They know you are very versatile to do both genres very well. That is what I can offer which many Jamaican artist can’t.

Have you encountered any problems in getting to this point in your career?

Well, you have a lot of politics, favoritism, envy and grudges in the business which I have faced coming up as a artist to where I’m at today. My belief is to stay focused and surround myself with people who are serious about the business. People who see my potential and are willing to help take it to the next level, not trying to pull you back.

What do you want people get from your music?

I want people all over the world to be inspired by my music in a positive way. I hope the music I am doing will educate people to love and respect each other.

When can we expect some new music from you?

I currently have three singles out now with a strong buzz, 1-Idling, 2-Days Like These and 3-Real Ghetto Story. I am working on my fourth studio album which will be out soon.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Just getting signed to a LA based label and performing at some of the biggest Reggae festivals in Europe.

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

It would have to be Bob Marley because his music is everlasting and he is a great inspiration to people all over the world.

One track of yours that you think defines you and why?

The track that defines me is not out yet, but I’m always advocating for unity among my people and I have a few tracks which represent those values so I can’t pinpoint any particular track.

Interviewed By: Just Jay

Twitter: @immperial

Imperial Alley Cat wants young people to stop ‘Idling’

impEntertainer and producer, Imperial Alley Cat has long been an advocate for progress in his music as evidenced in his new single, Idling, which explores why young people are constantly confronted by regression in their daily lives.

Idling sums up the current status of Jamaica’s youth in a society which hardly affords them the opportunity to make something out of their lives and develop skill sets beneficial to the island’s development. Too many young Jamaicans are either jobless or uneducated, thus leading them astray into criminality, unwanted pregnancy or wandering the streets, all points Imperial Alley Cat illustrates in his plea to politicians to allow them quality opportunities.

“No work mek idle heads get hot, dem hungry so dem nah go tek no chat, go rob up Babylon, shoot it, drop, jus’ fi put some food inna pot,” he deejays as he implores the government to “stop di yappity yap,’ and act before the country’s future is continuously put at risk

The official video for Idling was released in late April and features cameos from friend and fellow prominent deejay, Mavado as well as his protégé, Karian Sang. It gives an eye-opening tour through Kingston’s inner cities, showing how deep this problem as he seeks to encourage young people to keep the faith and stay out of trouble as they try to help themselves and their families out of difficult situations.

Known for songs like Why, No More Garrison and Days Like These, Imperial Alley Cat has proven he is a champion for poor people’s causes and uses his lyrics to make people conscious of their reality instead of numbing their minds with fantasy. Idling is a cry to ensure that every young person’s potential is fulfilled and to truly make Jamaica reach unlimited heights.

We The Best Samples Terror Fabulous/Dave Kelly Produced [Gangster Anthem]


Janet Jackson Converts to Islam to Marry Billionaire – Halal “Abda” Cha-Ching

janet muslim 2Maybe she should change her name to Hamida Jackson. Or Halal Gold Digger.

Janet Jackson has converted to Islam, just like her Farrakhan acolyte bro, Jermaine Jackson (father to Jermajesty), in order to marry her Qatari billionaire fiance, Wissam Al Mana. Now, she will know what it’s like to be treated like an “abda”–a slave–since that’s how they look at Black people in the Muslim world. Yes, even the Jacksons.

Most White Muslims refer to Blacks–yes, even Black Muslims–as “abeed.” Literally it means “slaves” in Arabic, but it’s derogatory and the Arabic version of the N-word. “Abed” is the singular version of the word, and “abda” is the female version of the word. There is tremendous racism against Black people in the Islamic world, which is why they continue to slaughter Blacks in Sudan. First, the Sudanese Arab Muslims raped, tortured, and slaughtered the Black Christians, and then–when there were almost no Christians left, they began to rape, torture, and slaughter the Black Muslims of Sudan (and, when” muslims were being murdered george clooney and angelina jolie suddenly got concerned

Hmmm . . . I wonder if the consistently hypocritical “Islamic modesty” will apply to Janet–er, “Sheikha Jackson if you’re nasty,” which the religion and people she’s marrying into certainly are. She’s already gotten a lot of practice wearing a hijab, as the photos above and below show (and don’t forget that her late brother Michael loved wearing the Muslim full ninja, the burqa). Also, will she be the only wife? Well, now that her music career has been over for several decades and her lawsuit to get Michael Jackson’s money away from his kids and into her pockets isn’t going anywhere, a chick’s gotta find a way to keep herself in style. And if ya can’t beat the jihad, join ‘em–that’s the ticket, right? File under, Hypocritical Gold-Digger Women We’d Like to See in a Burqa.

Janet Jackson and her fiancé Wissam Al Mana are reportedly planning to get married in Doha, Qatar in 2013.

The couple hope to tie the knot in Doha where the billionaire was born and are making arrangements for the ceremony to take place in 2013.

Janet and Wissam will be wedded in a Muslim ceremony. A renown [DS: sic] Turkish author, Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya), is also making the claim that the 46-year-old Janet Jackson has converted to Islam — as did her brother, Michael Jackson — and is choosing to keep her new religion a secret from her fans.

Imperial drops teaser video for new track Idling

Idleing promo video.Still002Imperial alley cat new single Idling is already a crowd favorite. The track talks about the social injustice young people face daily and how hard it is to get employment even with proper qualification.

The song stresses on the fact that Government of any nation must seek for investors to invest and create more opportunities for the people.

The song goes on to mention that crime, prostitution and other illegalities will take place when people don’t have anything to do but sit around idling their time away.  Check the video below.

Jamaica’s security minister points finger at Vybz Kartel for triggering crime

vybez kartelDespite the many accomplishments Dancehall music has been accredited with since its inception, the popular genre continues to garner heat for inciting crime and violence within Jamaican culture, as exemplified by recent comments made by one of the island’s most prominent politicians.

On Thursday, Jamaica’s security minister, Peter Bunting made some strong remarks regarding Dancehall while speaking at a Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains meeting in St Andrew. Minister Bunting used this platform to express his concern that Dancehall continues to hinder efforts by the government to curb criminal behavior.

In part, Bunting pointed to Jamaica’s affection for anti-heroes, explaining, in part, the root of rebellion that exists within the island.

“I think that a national hero that we haven’t named officially is ‘Anansi,’ because Jamaicans seem to love… an anti-authoritarian element in our culture,” he said.

However, what made Bunting’s comments particularly eye-catching was his singling out of incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel, who currently faces murder and conspiracy charges in relation to two separate cases.

While speaking to the much talked about lottery scam which rocked the island in recent years, Bunting pointed to Kartel’s controversial song, Reparation as a source of some propaganda that encourages scamming as a harmless act.

“It’s an amazing piece of propaganda for scammers,” he said. [But] bear in mind that St James has one of the highest proportions as it relates to homicides, and approximately 50 per cent of those murders are related to scamming.”

Minister Bunting continued, “Yet up to last year people are not connecting the dots, they still refer to it [scamming] as a victimless crime.”

Reparation, which also features Kartel’s protégé, Gaza Slim, was banned from the airwaves a day after premiering given its controversial lyrics that seemingly endorsed scamming.

Bunting quoted some of these lyrics: “Big up every scammer weh mek US dollar, Western Union people fi give we more honor. Every ghetto yute fi a live like Tony Montana, live presidential like Barack Obama.”

The lottery scandal in St. James has been a major talking point in the parish since 2006, as police have connected with over 400 deaths with the scam. At least one elderly American citizen committed suicide after losing millions of dollars to Jamaican scammers.

Minister Bunting confirmed earlier this year that Jamaica’s 2012 murder rate was its lowest for nine years, with 1,087 recorded last year. Additionally, information from the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) Statistics and Data Management Unit revealed that there was a 7% reduction in violent crimes such as sexual offences and acquisitory crimes.