Radio host and MC Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Robbed

miss kittyRadio host and MC extraordinaire Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton is now picking up the pieces after vandals broke into her vehicle and made off with $200,000.

According to the Digicel ambassador, after withdrawing the cash from a Washington Boulevard bank branch on Wednesday, she proceeded to Hope Road to collect a gift basket. It was while inside that the bandits struck.

“Because I knew that I had money in the vehicle, I made sure to park in front of the building. While inside, I noticed that a man came in the store and was just roaming about and talking on his phone. When I came outside, the entire passenger window had been smashed, and my money was gone,” she said.

Much to her dismay, the store attendant informed her that they had no security guards or security cameras on the property. The police were, however, quick on the scene, but there were no eye witnesses.

“I felt very violated and sad. When I came outside and saw the shards of glass, I felt sick instantaneously. It’s very hard to know that you put your blood, sweat and tears into your work to earn money and someone would just come and take it from you. It’s very daunting,” she said.

On Friday afternoon, Miss Kitty was rewarded with good news. While sharing the story in her radio programme, she was surprised by representatives from Stewart Motors who gifted her with a brand new BMW X6 to use while her vehicle is being repaired.

“God continues to bless me. Special thanks to Stewart Motors, because who God bless, no man curse. God’s blessings continue to reign,” she said.

Miss Kitty also expressed her gratitude to her fans, friends and the police officers who reached out to her on social media and otherwise.

“Your kind words and overwhelming support has strengthened and motivated me. The greatest thing is that I still have life, and I will continue to strive towards achieving my goals.”

She also had scathing remarks for the thieves.

“The blood of Jesus is against unuh. Everybody has the same 24 hours, so I don’t understand why you should sit at home while I work, and then come to take my earnings from me. When you partake in ill-gotten gains, the blood is on you. This act is so dastardly and evil. But I am not not gonna give up, because the blood of Jesus is against every thief,” she warned.

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