Dancehall artiste Pamputtae gives birth to married man child

PamputtaeDancehall artiste Pamputtae says she has no regrets after recently giving birth to a healthy baby boy who is fathered by a married man.

According to Pamputtae, she is not bothered by the situation because complicated relationships are relatively normal.

“It’s something that I am experiencing. You always have the side girl who then becomes the wife, so basically a desso the thing deh. Nobody don’t perfect, Pamputtae is in that situation and I am dealing with it and mi have it lock. That’s why mi talk about it. Nobody don’t perfect and who is dem to judge me?” Pamputtae said in a recent interview.

The outspoken deejay also released a song called Husband Lock in which she brags about the situation. The Goody Good singer also gives details about the relationship stating the woman’s husband constantly likes her Instagram photos and treats her very well.

In Husband Lock, Pamputtae deejays, “Gyal come a dance and a talk bout she hot, a talk bout ring and a she a get the cash. A pure dutty clothes and plate she a wash, nuh pay har nuh mind cause a chat she a chat. Woi mi have yu husband lock, mi have yu husband lock …”

“She a call mi man tekka, sey mi a home wrecker, a nuh my fault him deal wid me better. Calm dung yu self nuh rise yu blood pressure. Get a pen and guh write Dear pastor a letter. Sorry my dear mi know sey yu hear a him a buy all a mi Brazilian hair. All when mi fly out a him pay the fare. Mi know sey yu hurt but man haffi share” she chants over a bouncing old school flavoured dancehall rhythm.

Pamputtae is known for songs like Slim vs Fatty, Nah Stop Wine and Small Axe.

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