New Video “Clock me Out” by Beky Glacier

BeckyGlacierFrom the inner, rural garrison of the reggae island’s capital of Kingston, Rockfort has bore the next rising star, Beky Glacier. The lyrically prolific, and versatile, singer/deejay has been entertaining venues ranging from the divine church hall to the irreverent and saucy dancehall scenes. From an early age Beky Glacier has honed in on his skills, which over time have fused under the vernacular sing-jay, contributing to the seductive and hypnotic sounds of dancehall, reggae and the Phyah Proof Label’s brand of reggae fusion.

Born Karim Beckett, the Glache as he is aptly nicknamed and which is partially attributed to his self-indulgence in jewelry, has the appearance of a stocky, athletic build of a soccer player, a pastime he continues to enjoy today. Playing soccer was an escape from the harsh realities of growing up in a hotbed of political and economic strife. In the midst of all the confusion, only music seemed to quell the confusion and provided a temporary ceasefire of the gunplay, allowing the people to “Hold a Vibes” every now and then. Beky has been inspired by the many nights that Rasta men would drum and chant sounds from Count Ossie’s Music Center. Rockfort is one of the areas that serve as the staging grounds for the outbursts accompanying the build up of pressure and frustration of the community, but it also is one of the rare sites with a naturally occurring mineral bath springs, a respite that the locals enjoy. Beky Glacier imbues these contrasting characteristics through his artistic compositions.

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