Madonna takes shot at Lady Gaga

Madonna Is Not Letting Go Of The Queen Of Pop Crown Just Yet!: First, Elton John slams her (calling her a “fairground stripper” and criticising how she’s spoken about Lady Gaga). Now Madonna has taken a shot at Gaga, but fear not, the dig was wrapped in a possible compliment.

According to Yahoo news, during Madonna’s “MDNA” tour stop in Atlantic City over the weekend, Madge dedicated her song, Masterpiece, to her fellow pop star. “I love her. I love her. I do love her. Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” Madonna told the crowd. But could there be peace on the horizon for Madge and Gaga? According to Madonna, she thinks eventually she’ll share the stage with the “Born This Way” singer. “And one day, very soon, we’re gonna be on stage together. Just wait,” Madonna added.

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