Macka Diamond to release ‘Bun Him’ Pt 2 & New single [Money Addiction]

Having written dance-hall’s first novel titled Bun Him, artiste Macka Diamond is now gearing up for the release of its sequel.

Bun Him was released in 2007 and now, five years later, Macka Diamond says she is excited about the December release of Bun Him Pt 2: Naughty and Nice.

“I had to do a book two. Bun Him ended with a bit of mystery and some unfinished business with Sandra (the main character), so everybody wanted to know what was gonna happen next. I’ve been getting lots of requests for a book two and we had deliberately ended the first novel that way so that we could release a second part,” she said

With the book launch tentatively set for December 12, Macka Diamond confirmed that since this will be her fourth novel, writing has got much easier. She had previously released Bun Him, The Real Gangster’s Wife and Grown and Sexy.

“Now that I’m on the fourth book, the writing process is much easier. It was a learning process for me, but over time it’s becoming more simple and easier,” she said.

As for Bun Him Pt 2: Naughty and Nice, Macka Diamond says fans will be in for a real surprise.

“Dem a go love it. Sandra decide say she a go road and she a go collect and go through so everybody just needs to buy the book when it goes on sale because trust me, Sandra a go hard, it’s gonna be an awesome read.”

In the meantime, Macka Diamond says she is focusing her attention on releasing a One Drop album next year.

Check out her new Single “Money Addiction”

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