Macka Diamond tells Lady Saw to stop ‘advertising’ her Christianity

The wedge between prominent Dancehall divas, Lady Saw and Macka Diamond seems to be growing after comments that latter entertainer has made regarding the Queen of Dancehall’s decision to contemplate baptism.

Last month, Lady Saw surprised many fans and music industry players by signaling her intention to drop Dancehall music as she was going through a spiritual transformation hinting that she’d soon be recording gospel. Her announcement came after taking an extended sabbatical from Dancehall to re-focus her life after admitting her share of off-stage struggles.

However, Macka Diamond doesn’t seem overly amused by Lady Saw’s announcement. Though the Forty and Fabulous singer congratulated Lady Saw on deciding to practice Christianity to a greater extent, Macka isn’t pleased with her fellow deejay’s publicizing of her religious path.

Macka Diamond recently issued a statement addressing the matter, saying, “I believe that it is a good decision for her to make that personal commitment to God, but why advertise it? Instead of talking about church, she should just do it, go missing off the scene, and go deeper in her spirituality. There is no need to advertise your Christianity like is some form of promotion. That’s just what I believe.”

Not only does Macka Diamond have a problem Lady Saw’s openness regarding her spiritual beliefs, she questions its validity as well. She pointed to their recent fallout as a reason why Lady Saw’s decision does not seem totally genuine.

“Usually, when people say dem tun Christian, yuh declare yourself, you call people you are in conflict with, and say ‘let’s stop this …,’ but mi no get no call, that means say ‘have up’ still a gwaan. As a good Christian, she woulda repent her sins, call me and forgive me,” she said. “Her church thing caan frighten me, mi ah talk mi mind … if you are a Christian, dancehall is just not the place for you, but she is doing the same things she did before.”

Macka Diamond’s remarks continue to underline the various issues she and Lady Saw have encountered since she released Forty and Fabulous in September. The song, which hailed Jamaican entertainers over 40 still performing at a high level, instantly garnered heat from Lady Saw, who accused her of being a copycat.

The spat soon escalated on Twitter, where Macka Diamond claimed Lady Saw made several disrespectful comments, causing their friendship to wither.

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