Lady Saw contemplating baptism? considers switch to gospel

The Jamaican music industry may be witnessing the transformation of one of its icons as the most prominent female deejay of all-time has been considering a shift of gears, musically and spiritually.

Known for her raunchy, no-holds-barred musical persona, the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw shocked fans by tweeting that she has been contemplating baptism as she has been going through a spiritual transformation in recent months.

“Been thinking of getting baptized from about six months now, but then some people draw me out and I end up cussing them out. Well not anymore,” she tweeted.

Lady Saw followed that statement up by insisting that her new single, Heels On will be her last Dancehall song, as she will be doing gospel music from here on in.

Insisting that this was no joke nor publicity stunt as she later confirmed this with the Jamaica STAR, Lady Saw revealed that she has scarcely released Dancehall singles over the last nine months due to the spiritual transformation she’s experiencing.

“To all record producers, the reason why I didn’t record your songs from nine months ago until now is cuz of what I’ve been experiencing, u get it,” she tweeted.

Lady Saw has been dealing with her share of off-stage drama in recent weeks after she found out that her boyfriend of 17 years and prominent producer, Lloyd ‘John John’ James had impregnated another woman. This prompted Lady Saw to rant on Facebook and Twitter before revealing in a radio interview that she would stick by John John despite his latest case of infidelity.

Lady Saw also revealed that she had been going through a number of experiences while in Florida and back in Jamaica that made her seek God through her times of troubles.

Though the Queen of Dancehall has a few on-stage performances coming up, the hardcore deejay will be removing herself from Dancehall lure as she looks to experience a spiritual change in her life that was once experienced during childhood.

“I have some shows to do that I already got paid for so after that am out. Sometimes I am talking to God and I just find myself humming and coming up with melodies, so I am struggling with both sides because nobody is perfect. I have been talking to a lot of Christians, and I have been contemplating baptism, but I did that when I was younger because of my father, so maybe since this time it will be a renewal baptism,” she tweeted.

In addition to Heels On, Lady Saw has another new song out, dubbed Age Is Just A Number on the DJ Smurf-produced Radioactive Riddim.

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