IT’S OFFICIAL!! Nicki Minaj Signed On To AMERICAN IDOL .

August 25, 2012: just got word . . . straight from our TOP SECRET SOURCE in Nicki Minaj’s camp . .. she officially SIGNED THE CONTRACT to join American Idol.

According to our ROCK SOLID snitch, Nicki was all set to sign on – but ISSUES with her Pepsi endorsement were holding up the deal. But we OFFICIALLY LEARNED that as of yesterday – everything was worked out and Nicki SIGNED THE CONTRACT.

So we know what you’re wondering – how much does she get??? Our insider tells us that she’s getting $8M up front. But get this . . . she has INCENTIVE FEES which kick in depending on the show’s ratings. And if everything works out – Nicki will receive up to $18 MILLION for the season.

Yes . .. that’s the SAME amount of money that co-host Mariah’s getting.

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