Is Rising Dancehall Artiste Wasp In Danger?

Reports are that dancehall artiste Wasp now fears for his life after friends of the artiste warned him that men from a neighbouring community were after him.

It is said that, according to the artiste, this all started after an incident occurred in Cassia Park, which left one man dead and another crippled.

It is said that he went on to say that a popular selector in the Cassia Park area was killed and that he has heard that he is next on the gunmen’s list.

It is said that although he has not been receiving death threats sent to his phone, the deejay told sources that a reliable source has informed him that the gunmen were coming for him.

According to reports Wasp went on to say that it would have been better if they had reached out to him so that they could come to a peaceful resolution over the matter.

Due to the threats on his life, it is said that Wasp stated that his parents have had to leave the area because their lives were also in danger.

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