Chronixx and band members beaten at Paris concert. True or False?

chronixxIt appears that a legal battle will be ensuing between reggae artiste Chronixx’s management team and representatives of Platinum Camp Records, following the broadcast of an email alleging that the artiste and members of his band were beaten at a reggae concert in Paris, France on Sunday.

an email was blasted from a member of the Platinum Camp Record which stated that Chronixx and his party were beaten by a group of security guards, because they allegedly refused to wear the armbands that were distributed in order to have access to the stage and backstage areas.

But in a release issued to media on Tuesday, Chronixx’s management team categorically denied the allegations stating, “There was no altercation whatsoever between members of Chronixx team and security providers at the show. There was also no incident involving Chronixx or any member of his team where anyone was beaten, nor was there any incident involving security personnel.”

The release also stated that they intended to seek legal counsel into the matter in a bid to get the statement retracted by Platinum Camp Records.

“We consider the false report issued by Platinum to be not only unprofessional and irresponsible, but also very damaging to the credibility and good name of Chronixx and members of the Chronixx Music Group team. We have therefore consulted our attorney and will be seeking to have all necessary actions taken to have this false report corrected, and any damage done repaired.”

Shortly after Chronixx’s team submitted the release, Platinum Camp responded stating they would not be retracting the contents of the email because they were not the creators of the story.

“Platinum Camp Records has been contacted by Chronixx’s lawyer and one of the producers of the event asking for the retraction of the story.Platinum Camp did not write the story, therefore, Platinum Camp cannot retract the story, we simply blast the story.”

The release also added that they were reliably informed about the alleged beating.

“Two eyewitnesses have confirmed the story but we also reserve the right to protect the identity of our sources.”

Chronixx is currently on his ‘Dread and Terrible’ European Tour which began on March 27 and is scheduled to conclude on April 20.

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