Bounty Killer overcomes boos, sand-throwing incident at beach event

Though iconic Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer has long indicated his desire not to clash ‘Gaza’ deejay Tommy Lee Sparta anytime soon, some of Tommy Lee’s fans apparently tried to answer some of the Grung Gaad’s taunts on his behalf.

Two weeks ago, the internet world went abuzz following video showing Tommy Lee Sparta being booed while performing at the CHUG IT beach party in Portmore, St. Catherine. Despite being well-received by the crowd for a majority of his set, Lee got an ear full from patrons when making disparaging remarks about Bounty Killer after singing his hit track, P**** Mechanic. Then Tommy Lee Sparta, who later denied the incident even took place, received another chorus of boos while performing at Rum Punch later that weekend for once again speaking about Bounty, alleging that the Alliance leader orchestrated a plot to have fans turn against him at the show.
Bounty Killer’s performance at CHUG IT sparked some controversy, but the ‘War Lord’ was not too affected by some fan behaviour expressed towards him.
Bounty Killer performs at CHUG IT alongside Bling dawg and ANG (December 16, 2012)

This past weekend, Bounty Killer took the stage at Chug It alongside fellow Alliance deejays Bling Dawg, Iyara and a host of others. Just moments after taking to the stage and performing Badman Kill Fi Fun, Bounty was forced to defend himself after some fans threw sand at the deejay, hurling boos in his direction in an apparent reprisal for the Tommy Lee Sparta incident two weekends prior.

However, Bounty Killer would have none of it, repeatedly stopping the show to verbally undress said fans with others in the crowd cheering him on

At one point, he said, “Dem instigate fi fling bokkle pon me a Follow Di Arrow. I neva retaliate. A nuff ting dem do mi career and mi stand fi 20 (years). Tell a man, don’t mess with what you cannot destroy.”

Though veteran deejay, Nitty Kutchie tried to intervene after concerns were raised about Bounty’s continued use of expletives during his set, the Alliance deejay did not waver as he finished his solo set before inviting Alliance Next Generation stars, Patexx and Kalado to the stage to perform with him.

Bounty Killer recently returned his deposit to STING 2012 organizers, ending any chance of a clash between himself and Tommy Lee Sparta at the show. Nevertheless, it seems the tension between the Alliance and Gaza deejay and their fans will continue long beyond the Boxing Day event.

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