Alley Cat says there will be ‘Days Like These’ in new single

alleyProminent Jamaican entertainer, Alley Cat a.k.a ‘The Imperial’ has kicked off his 2013 campaign with the release of a new track sure to alert society of the times we all live in.
The CEO of Imperial Productions recently unveiled his thought-provoking single, Days Like These as he speaks of the struggles and dangers experienced daily through Jamaica’s inner cities. Alley Cat takes us into his world with Day Like These, outlining his trials and tribulations as a youth, experiencing nightmares of the crime and violence he witnessed in his neighbourhood.
Using classical elements meshed with a pounding beat, Alley Cat immediately sows lyrical seeds in the thoughts of music lovers as he recalls,“Memba from di age a 4, mi see machine mek head a bore,” as he recalls the days when his mother slept on the floor and used various remedies to help soothe his physical and mental scars.
However, through all the strife surrounding him, Alley Cat’s mother steered him in the direction that ultimately led to his present day success as he eloquently points out in the chorus. “Mama tell me, ‘Yuh see da road deh? Nuh choose it. Yuh see da two pound a iron deh? Nuh use it. Jus’ bill and gwaan work pon yuh music..and him will shine him light on you.”
Days Like These shows Alley Cat’s willingness and dedication to uplift the people and said people, including industry players, have responded positively to the track. To further illustrate his messages of inspiration and hope, The Imperial released a video for Days Like These. The visuals can not only be seen across RETV, HYPE TV and CVM TV, it has become a favourite amongst Caribbean television networks in South Florida. \
This commendable effort by Alley Cat is just a sample of the entertainer’s commitment to being more than just a singer or deejay, but a leader of change amongst his people throughout 2013 and beyond. To follow up on this success, Alley Cat promises more uplifting songs for his fans as he’s currently working on a new single and video which will drop simultaneously.
You can buy Days Like These on iTunes and check out the official video via YouTube.
Whether enjoying success of battling failure, as Alley Cat has, Mama said there would be Days Like These.

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