New Bob Marley and the Wailers movie Ready for theater


According to the website,, a film about the international rise of reggae legend Bob Marley and his Wailers band is reportedly in the works.
Reported to be titled Buffalo Soldiers (the name of one of Marley’s songs), it will be distributed by Mandalay Pictures, with writer Barry Morrow (Rain Man) and producer Cathy Schulman (Crash) reportedly assigned to the project.
According to the website, the film traces Marley and the Wailers’ emergence from the rugged Kingston community of Trench Town in the 1960s, to super-stardom a decade later.
There are no production details (budget, cast) on the project or if it has been endorsed by the Marley family who have long touted a film about its patriarch who died in May 1981 at age 36 from cancer.
At one stage, A-list Hollywood director Martin Scorsese was rumoured to be in the running to oversee the biopic but that reportedly fell through.
Two years ago, Academy Award-winning director Kevin MacDonald (The Last King of Scotland) released his critically-acclaimed documentary Marley, which revived speculation that a film on the singer/songwriter was not far off.

Ce’Cile and Chris Martin do the Uncoupling

cecile and chris martinYet another power couple within the Jamaican entertainment industry has broken up as it has been confirmed that universally-regarded Reggae singers, Ce’Cile and Christopher Martin are no longer together.

The duo have reportedly been dating since the start of the current decade, with Martin, 27, being 13 years younger than Ce’Cile, 40. The couple share a 20-month-old daughter.

Though Ce’Cile never publicly acknowledged her relationship with Martin, the artist, whose real name is Cecile Charlton, told the Jamaica STAR in a report published Friday that the two have been broken up for quite a while.

“I never publicly said who I was dating, but whoever I was dating is no longer in the picture,” she said to the newspaper. “I have been single for a few months now. I can confirm that. There’s no drama or anything attached to it. There’s a time and place for everything, and I guess this time has expired.”

Despite the split, Ce’Cile said the break-up will not affect their daughter.

“I lost a boyfriend, my daughter has not lost a dad. It should never be entangled,” she said. “He’s a good dad.”

Ce’Cile also opened up about her relationship with her daughter, saying that it is hard to leave her daughter behind when touring but plans to take her with her to a foreign country every year while on tour.

She is now working on a new album, for which she has already recorded 13 tracks for, and is promoting her new record label, YGMG.

The break-up of Ce’Cile and Chris Martin marks the third such breakup of note within the local entertainment industry in the last two months. In February, news broke that former beauty queen and current media personality, Yendi Phillipps and popular Reggae singer, Daniel ‘Chino’ McGregor split after years of dating and sharing a child together. Last month, singjay, Ishawna confirmed her breakup from popular producer, Foota Hype, with whom she had been with for nearly a decade and was engaged to for 11 months.

Chronixx and band members beaten at Paris concert. True or False?

chronixxIt appears that a legal battle will be ensuing between reggae artiste Chronixx’s management team and representatives of Platinum Camp Records, following the broadcast of an email alleging that the artiste and members of his band were beaten at a reggae concert in Paris, France on Sunday.

an email was blasted from a member of the Platinum Camp Record which stated that Chronixx and his party were beaten by a group of security guards, because they allegedly refused to wear the armbands that were distributed in order to have access to the stage and backstage areas.

But in a release issued to media on Tuesday, Chronixx’s management team categorically denied the allegations stating, “There was no altercation whatsoever between members of Chronixx team and security providers at the show. There was also no incident involving Chronixx or any member of his team where anyone was beaten, nor was there any incident involving security personnel.”

The release also stated that they intended to seek legal counsel into the matter in a bid to get the statement retracted by Platinum Camp Records.

“We consider the false report issued by Platinum to be not only unprofessional and irresponsible, but also very damaging to the credibility and good name of Chronixx and members of the Chronixx Music Group team. We have therefore consulted our attorney and will be seeking to have all necessary actions taken to have this false report corrected, and any damage done repaired.”

Shortly after Chronixx’s team submitted the release, Platinum Camp responded stating they would not be retracting the contents of the email because they were not the creators of the story.

“Platinum Camp Records has been contacted by Chronixx’s lawyer and one of the producers of the event asking for the retraction of the story.Platinum Camp did not write the story, therefore, Platinum Camp cannot retract the story, we simply blast the story.”

The release also added that they were reliably informed about the alleged beating.

“Two eyewitnesses have confirmed the story but we also reserve the right to protect the identity of our sources.”

Chronixx is currently on his ‘Dread and Terrible’ European Tour which began on March 27 and is scheduled to conclude on April 20.

Bank Teller of popular jamaican Bank scams Entertainer money

Stack Of CashThe Police Fraud Squad is now investigating the employee of a bank who is accused of fleecing millions of dollars from an entertainer’s account.

But while investigations are ongoing, the popular local entertainer is accusing the institution of moving too slowly to compensate him.

The attorney representing the entertainer yesterday said that the banking institution has failed to honour its financial obligations to his client, leaving him deprived of access to millions of dollars which he legitimately lodged to his account.

Information reaching our news team is that the entertainer deposited the money over time to his account through a specific female employee at the institution.

It’s gathered that the employee had been advising the entertainer for over a year and advised him how to invest his money. She is said to have then signed off on documents advising her client that everything was taken care of.

The attorney said that his client was under the impression that he had been receiving ‘special treatment’ from his personal banker and had never joined a queue whenever he visited the bank, on the advice of the woman.

The discrepancies were said to have been unearthed last month when the entertainer visited the bank, and had to join a line because the woman was not at work.

The attorney said, “He has two accounts and would normally leave the books with her and collect them a few days later, at which point he would check and it appeared that things were normal. While he was at another teller, he was told that one of the books he thought was a US account was not a US book, but in fact Jamaican … The number coding in the books were different, but my client didn’t look to see.”

Additionally, it was outlined that the entertainer was misled as none of the investments he made were there.

Our news team was told that since the discovery the entertainer has been receiving the run-around from the local bank in his attempt to reclaim his funds. It is said that he has been compelled to make contact with the bank’s head legal officer.

Yesterday, a Fraud Squad detective confirmed that an investigation has been launched.

It was told that it was the bank who contacted the police. We were told, however, that the female banker in question was not yet in police custody as the investigations are ongoing.

Feds nab music executive from 21st Hapolis Dist. at JFK for decade old murder

A wily reggae music executive — wanted for a 2002 murder in Maryland — was busted by federal marshals at JFK Airport late Sunday night after he crafted a new identity and eluded law enforcement for more than a decade, The Post has learned.

Kevin Reynolds was wanted for the the shooting death of Winston King in front of his screaming 11-year-old daughter in Silver Spring but managed to vanish into the shadows for the past 12 years, sources said.

Reynolds allegedly changed his identity to become “Dennis Graham” and soon climbed the ranks at popular reggae and dancehall music label 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution that lists offices on Madison Avenue as well as in Jamaica, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Despite his wanted status, Reynolds obtained new paperwork and passports and settled in Canarsie, Brooklyn while helping run the music company.

Sources said he even managed to fly freely from New York to Jamaica and back without detection until he was finally busted this weekend while waiting to board a flight to Kingston.

He was nabbed by the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force and NYPD detectives, sources told The Post.

Along with another man, Reynolds allegedly approached King and his daughter in a parking lot outside their Maryland apartment complex in November 2002, sources said. The men knew each other.

Reynolds allegedly dragged King away while his accomplice put his hand over his daughter’s mouth. She later heard gunshots and saw the men speed off, according to sources.

The child saw her father stagger and eventually collapse but told cops she recognized Reynolds before he bolted, sources said.

Twelve years later, Reynolds is expected to be extradited to Maryland to face murder charges.

Jamaican Gangsters Using Young Boys In Deadly Feud 12-y-o Killers

shottasCRIMINALS locked in a bloody feud in West Kingston are using boys as young as 12 to carry out their deadly attacks in the area, the police have confirmed.

“We have had reports that the men involved in this feud are using youth as young as 12, 13 and upwards to carry out these deadly attacks,” Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor told the Jamaica Observer, adding that the boy killers were fearless and had no respect for age or gender.

The information was first passed to the Observer on Monday by a resident of Tivoli Gardens, one of the communities in the constituency.

“The man dem who a do the killings nuh have nuh respect for law and order or people; dem even a use some young boys as young as 12 and over to carry out their attacks,” the resident said.

According to the resident, the latest victim of such an attack was Edward Black, a senior member of the community, who was gunned down in broad daylight along Chestnut Lane.

On Monday, during an operation that resulted in the recovery of one firearm and several rounds of ammunition, Senior Superintendent McGregor pointed out that the attacks are not confined to one side.

He also confirmed that the actions of the criminals have left members of the religious community in fear, especially after a Christian man was shot dead by gunmen when he told them that he was on Jesus’ side in response to their demand that he state which side he was supporting in the feud.

Monday’s police operation was staged two days after a 12-year-old boy and a 28-year-old man were shot dead and 10 other people shot and injured by gunmen who attacked a group of people in Denham Town.

Since that incident last Friday night, the police have released the names of several suspects who are also believed to be involved in several other incidents in the area.

Yesterday, police said nine persons on the list turned themselves over to the police. Police said they would also continue to maintain a presence in West Kingston as tensions are still high, especially in Tivoli Gardens where residents staged a protest and burned several T-shirts with the image of member of parliament Desmond McKenzie on Sunday.

The residents accused McKenzie of taking sides in the ongoing feud. But the MP has dismissed the residents’ claim as nonsense, saying that his position was that every act of criminality committed in the constituency must be dealt with.

Teflon’s road manager killed in Gang feud

TeflonAmidst preparations for his live concert series and upcoming album titled ‘Next Dimension’, tragedy has struck leaving Reggae singer Teflon stricken with grief by the sudden death of his close friend and road manager Ricardo Lowe more popularly known as Blackman.

Reports are that on Friday night, April 4th several persons including children were at the intersection of Charles Street and Chestnut Lane when a group of armed men sprayed bullets on them. The 12-year-old boy reportedly died on the spot while Lowe man died in hospital. Unconfirmed reports are that the shooting incident stems from an ongoing gang feud between men from Tivoli Gardens and Chestnut Lane.

A bereaved Teflon appeared evidently shaken by the news of Lowe’s death. According to a senior member of Yard A Love the artiste’s management company.

“We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Ricardo Lowe and would like to sincerely extend our condolences to his family and friends in this time of grief. He was an outstanding worker and devoted comrade to his job; and to see him lose his life in such a draconian manner is difficult for us to comprehend, but we must remain strong, his passing is a great loss to music industry.”

At this time Teflon’s Management is asking members of the media and music fraternity to be respectful as the entertainer moans in private.

Radio host and MC Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Robbed

miss kittyRadio host and MC extraordinaire Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton is now picking up the pieces after vandals broke into her vehicle and made off with $200,000.

According to the Digicel ambassador, after withdrawing the cash from a Washington Boulevard bank branch on Wednesday, she proceeded to Hope Road to collect a gift basket. It was while inside that the bandits struck.

“Because I knew that I had money in the vehicle, I made sure to park in front of the building. While inside, I noticed that a man came in the store and was just roaming about and talking on his phone. When I came outside, the entire passenger window had been smashed, and my money was gone,” she said.

Much to her dismay, the store attendant informed her that they had no security guards or security cameras on the property. The police were, however, quick on the scene, but there were no eye witnesses.

“I felt very violated and sad. When I came outside and saw the shards of glass, I felt sick instantaneously. It’s very hard to know that you put your blood, sweat and tears into your work to earn money and someone would just come and take it from you. It’s very daunting,” she said.

On Friday afternoon, Miss Kitty was rewarded with good news. While sharing the story in her radio programme, she was surprised by representatives from Stewart Motors who gifted her with a brand new BMW X6 to use while her vehicle is being repaired.

“God continues to bless me. Special thanks to Stewart Motors, because who God bless, no man curse. God’s blessings continue to reign,” she said.

Miss Kitty also expressed her gratitude to her fans, friends and the police officers who reached out to her on social media and otherwise.

“Your kind words and overwhelming support has strengthened and motivated me. The greatest thing is that I still have life, and I will continue to strive towards achieving my goals.”

She also had scathing remarks for the thieves.

“The blood of Jesus is against unuh. Everybody has the same 24 hours, so I don’t understand why you should sit at home while I work, and then come to take my earnings from me. When you partake in ill-gotten gains, the blood is on you. This act is so dastardly and evil. But I am not not gonna give up, because the blood of Jesus is against every thief,” she warned.

Vybz Kartel Murder Trial Cell Phone Voice Messages Leaked Online [WATCH VIDEO]

Vybz-Kartel-going-to-prisonThe voice notes evidence was perhaps the most incriminating piece of data the prosecution used to convicted Vybz Kartel and put him behind bars for life.
The controversial voice notes were leaked and has surfaced on social media sites and on YouTube.
Police say hey extracted over 24 voice notes from a Blackberry smartphone they seized from the dancehall star. Some of these voice notes were obtained by Nationwide News in Jamaica.
In several of the voice notes Vybz Kartel could be heard telling someone name Problem Child that he want back his two shoe, another name for guns, or else someone is going to die.

Jamaica’s I-Octanes Debuts Video for ‘A Yah Wi Deh,’ Featuring Ky-Mani Marley: Watch

i-OctaneThroughout his nearly decade-long recording career, which accelerated into high gear in 2010, Jamaican sing-jay I-Octane has amassed a hit-filled catalog rife with vigorous dancehall anthems recorded on the latest digitized rhythms, as well as some of contemporary roots reggae’s most heartfelt observations reflecting the cries of the sufferers. It is his command of both expressions that has rendered the 29-year-old artist, born Byoime Muir, a consistent hit maker.

“It is like a balanced equation,” I-Octane said in a recent interview with Billboard in Kingston, Jamaica. “People that follow I-Octane embrace my reggae and dancehall songs, so I am trying to master both sides and want people to accept me as a balancer in reggae music.”

Putting aside his animated dancehall bashment identity, I-Octane was instead celebrated as a thoughtful reggae troubadour by a capacity crowd at the March 6 release party for his sophomore album “My Journey” (Tads Record), held at Kingston’s Triple Century 333 Sports Bar and Restaurant, owned by Chris Gayle, famed batsmen for the West Indies cricket team.

Backed by the Ruff Cut band, I-Octane performed several of the album’s tracks, including a moving tribute to his mother (“Mamma”) whose hard work to sustain her children, despite extreme poverty, has been a source of inspiration throughout his career ascent. I-Octane was joined onstage by Bob Marley’s son Ky-Mani for a lively rendition of their duet “A Yah Wi Deh” (meaning: yes, we’re there), an affirmation of their commitment to keep the faith and fight injustices. “A Yah Wi Deh” feels more hip-hop than one drop but its uplifting sentiment aligns with a conscious reggae realm; the song’s video, filmed in Kingston three weeks ago, debuts here:

Primarily a one-drop reggae release with tracks such as “Time Will Come” and “Babylon” showcasing the nuanced skills of Kingston’s finest musicians, I-Octane’s coarse yet surprisingly supple vocals bringing gut-wrenching urgency to numerous social critiques including “Pressure,” “My Journey” premieres on the Reggae Albums chart this week at No. 4; its predecessor “Crying to the Nation” (VP Records/Scikron) debuted at No. 6.

“I-Octane is one of the artists who is comfortable in both one drop reggae and dancehall and not many artists can do that,” observes Tads Record founder Tad A. Dawkins, who has annually featured I-Octane on his Kingston/Miami based label’s Phantom compilation series, developed in 2010 to showcase younger artists. “In today’s music industry you can’t just do one thing, and I think he should just continue the way he is going and try to break on both fronts.”

“My Journey” is also the first artist album produced by DJ Frass (b. Andre Gordon) 27, who made his name producing dancehall hits by Mavado; in 2013 he produced the Mavado-DJ Khaled collaboration “Weed And Hennessey,” a bonus track on Khaled’s album “Suffering from Success” (Cash Money/Republic/We The Best). Frass also produced previous hits for I-Octane including the somber “Lose A Friend” and “My Story,” a poignant salute to those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Having toured Europe as Mavado’s deejay, DJ Frass experienced first hand the vast audience drum and bass driven roots reggae commands in comparison to the fan base for hardcore dancehall, which prompted a shift in his musical direction. “Live reggae music is the best, it comes with a good feeling, lasts longer and more people around the world listen to it,” Frass said. “Since we have gone in this direction with this record, we have attracted more fans from all over the world.”

Within the dancehall genre, which has recently seen some of its biggest stars felled by incarcerations, criminal trials and convictions, I-Octane’s reasonably clean-cut image is a welcomed change; in Jamaica it’s a corporate godsend. He has held the role of brand ambassador for telecommunications company Digicel since 2010; he is also the brand ambassador for Busta Soft Drinks and is the voice of Guinness Stout. All three companies were sponsors of the “My Journey” release party alongside Tads Record, DJ Frass Productions and Octane’s own Conquer The Globe Productions, which handles many of his day-to-day career responsibilities including his various social media accounts, where he has a total of 600,000 followers.

“I-Octane has been such a great ambassador for Digicel, he is a very wholesome brand and ‘My Journey’ is a testament to that,” Tahnida Nunes, Digicel’s special project manager, said. “Children can listen to it; it is good wholesome music.” (Some parents, however, may object to their children hearing the marijuana-championing track “Burn It.”)

To coincide with the Jamaica release party, Digicel sent out a download link of I-Octane’s track “Stepping In The Name of Love” to 400,000 of its subscribers.

Despite his renown throughout the Caribbean, I-Octane has had only minor flirtations with the U.S. mainstream. He performed at New York City’s Hot 97 (WQHT FM) “Who’s Next” series in April 2013 at SOBs and in September at the station’s annually sold-out concert “On Da Reggae Tip” at midtown Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom.

In the days leading up to each event, he was interviewed on the station and a few of his songs received limited airplay, something he hopes increases with the release of “My Journey”.

“My dream is to get a song that the major stations pump alongside the pop and hip-hop artists,” he said. “I want to make the right links and maybe the right deal so we can get that level of respect and rotation. As a reggae artist, if you are not thinking that way, then you will always be stuck in the same little circle.”

The U.S. release party for “My Journey” will be held at SOBs nightclub in lower Manhattan on April 9, followed by a 20-date European tour in support of the album.