Bounty Killer overcomes boos, sand-throwing incident at beach event

Though iconic Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer has long indicated his desire not to clash ‘Gaza’ deejay Tommy Lee Sparta anytime soon, some of Tommy Lee’s fans apparently tried to answer some of the Grung Gaad’s taunts on his behalf.

Two weeks ago, the internet world went abuzz following video showing Tommy Lee Sparta being booed while performing at the CHUG IT beach party in Portmore, St. Catherine. Despite being well-received by the crowd for a majority of his set, Lee got an ear full from patrons when making disparaging remarks about Bounty Killer after singing his hit track, P**** Mechanic. Then Tommy Lee Sparta, who later denied the incident even took place, received another chorus of boos while performing at Rum Punch later that weekend for once again speaking about Bounty, alleging that the Alliance leader orchestrated a plot to have fans turn against him at the show.
Bounty Killer’s performance at CHUG IT sparked some controversy, but the ‘War Lord’ was not too affected by some fan behaviour expressed towards him.
Bounty Killer performs at CHUG IT alongside Bling dawg and ANG (December 16, 2012)

This past weekend, Bounty Killer took the stage at Chug It alongside fellow Alliance deejays Bling Dawg, Iyara and a host of others. Just moments after taking to the stage and performing Badman Kill Fi Fun, Bounty was forced to defend himself after some fans threw sand at the deejay, hurling boos in his direction in an apparent reprisal for the Tommy Lee Sparta incident two weekends prior.

However, Bounty Killer would have none of it, repeatedly stopping the show to verbally undress said fans with others in the crowd cheering him on

At one point, he said, “Dem instigate fi fling bokkle pon me a Follow Di Arrow. I neva retaliate. A nuff ting dem do mi career and mi stand fi 20 (years). Tell a man, don’t mess with what you cannot destroy.”

Though veteran deejay, Nitty Kutchie tried to intervene after concerns were raised about Bounty’s continued use of expletives during his set, the Alliance deejay did not waver as he finished his solo set before inviting Alliance Next Generation stars, Patexx and Kalado to the stage to perform with him.

Bounty Killer recently returned his deposit to STING 2012 organizers, ending any chance of a clash between himself and Tommy Lee Sparta at the show. Nevertheless, it seems the tension between the Alliance and Gaza deejay and their fans will continue long beyond the Boxing Day event.

Spice answers Macka Diamond: Calls her a donkey

Sting look like it really a go hot this year because Spice and Macka a go clash. Macka release song last week a say Spice live inna rent house and get put out all the time cause she bruk and caan pay her rent but now Spice answer Macka and a say she a donkey.

Busy Signal to tour Europe, continue promotions in the U.S.

Recently freed Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Busy Signal will return to arguably his most accommodating overseas market as he’s set to tour Europe early next year.

The popular singjay, who recently served a six month sentence for absconding bail in the United States, will embark on a promotional tour next month to highlight his highly successful album, Reggae Music Again. According to Busy’s manager, Shane Brown, the album has thrived despite the singjay’s legal issues and still has a strong shelf life in terms of popularity and appeal.

This is big news for Busy, whose album was recently named as one of BBC Music’s top 10 albums of 2012. Not only was Reggae Music Again the only Reggae project on the list, it was lauded as some plaudits as an authentic representation of the Reggae genre, fitting for the island’s 50th anniversary.

Busy Signal was humbled by this development, stating in a press release, “When I heard, I just went speechless. This is really a great honor and I just want to big up everyone who supports this album and who will continue to support this album.”

Busy’s European tour will make between 15 and 18 stops in 10 countries, according to Brown. Additionally, Busy Signal will perform a number of Reggae festivals scheduled for next July and August.

Meanwhile, despite being unable to travel to the United States due to his legal issues, Busy Signal maintains a strong presence in the North American country. According to Brown, the highly-revered entertainer will continue to promote himself to his American fans through social media and radio interviews.

Busy Signal recently revealed in a TV interview that while he may not be able to travel to the United States for the next two years, he can apply for a visa at the earliest possible convenience.

The artiste has been very busy on the local scene since returning last month, releasing several Dancehall singles and will continue to do so in the immediate future, according to Brown. Busy will also perform his first stage show in Jamaica for four years when he headlines STING 2012 on December 26 at Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine.

Macka Diamond tells Lady Saw to stop ‘advertising’ her Christianity

The wedge between prominent Dancehall divas, Lady Saw and Macka Diamond seems to be growing after comments that latter entertainer has made regarding the Queen of Dancehall’s decision to contemplate baptism.

Last month, Lady Saw surprised many fans and music industry players by signaling her intention to drop Dancehall music as she was going through a spiritual transformation hinting that she’d soon be recording gospel. Her announcement came after taking an extended sabbatical from Dancehall to re-focus her life after admitting her share of off-stage struggles.

However, Macka Diamond doesn’t seem overly amused by Lady Saw’s announcement. Though the Forty and Fabulous singer congratulated Lady Saw on deciding to practice Christianity to a greater extent, Macka isn’t pleased with her fellow deejay’s publicizing of her religious path.

Macka Diamond recently issued a statement addressing the matter, saying, “I believe that it is a good decision for her to make that personal commitment to God, but why advertise it? Instead of talking about church, she should just do it, go missing off the scene, and go deeper in her spirituality. There is no need to advertise your Christianity like is some form of promotion. That’s just what I believe.”

Not only does Macka Diamond have a problem Lady Saw’s openness regarding her spiritual beliefs, she questions its validity as well. She pointed to their recent fallout as a reason why Lady Saw’s decision does not seem totally genuine.

“Usually, when people say dem tun Christian, yuh declare yourself, you call people you are in conflict with, and say ‘let’s stop this …,’ but mi no get no call, that means say ‘have up’ still a gwaan. As a good Christian, she woulda repent her sins, call me and forgive me,” she said. “Her church thing caan frighten me, mi ah talk mi mind … if you are a Christian, dancehall is just not the place for you, but she is doing the same things she did before.”

Macka Diamond’s remarks continue to underline the various issues she and Lady Saw have encountered since she released Forty and Fabulous in September. The song, which hailed Jamaican entertainers over 40 still performing at a high level, instantly garnered heat from Lady Saw, who accused her of being a copycat.

The spat soon escalated on Twitter, where Macka Diamond claimed Lady Saw made several disrespectful comments, causing their friendship to wither.

Here we feature Macka Diamond new hit “Money Addiction”

Bounty Killer says no to STING

Any hope that Dancehall superstar, Bounty Killer will perform at STING 2012 seems all but dashed after the ‘War Lord’ confirmed his intention to skip the popular stage show.

The Alliance leader, who initially was on the STING lineup, declared that he would not perform at STING following ‘disrespectful’ comments made by the show’s lead promoter, Isaiah Laing in an interview, implying that ‘Gaza’ deejay and current rival, Tommy Lee Sparta had a good chance of defeating him in a clash.

Though speculation within Dancehall circles was rife that Bounty Killer was bluffing, the ‘Grung Gaad’ confirmed during a radio interview on Wednesday that he was serious. The iconic entertainer stated that his STING deposit was returned a week and half ago and the contract originally signed to do the show is now null and void.

“I’ve said it previously that I’m not gonna do STING because of certain insults that was thrown at me. To this day, nothing has been reconciled,” he said.

This now puts to rest any possibility of a headline clash between Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee after weeks of building up. The two deejays have been at odds ever since comments Bounty made via Twitter in which he questioned artistes who made demonic references in their songs. This later led Tommy Lee to record a scathing diss aimed in Bounty direction, called Goat Head, triggering a series of disses between the two.

Bounty Killer said that he’s not interested in a clash with Tommy Lee because he’s ‘bigger than that.’

“I’m not interested anymore, I’m not interested in clashing with no little insect artiste,” he said. “That’s where them trying to take it and I’m bigger than that.”

The official launch of STING 2012 took place last night in Kingston, unveiling the official poster for the show. This year’s show will be held on December 26 (Boxing Day) at Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine and will feature high-profile acts such as Mavado, Popcaan, Aidonia, Sizzla, Khago, Ninja Man and Kiprich, amongst many others.