Bounty Killer, Ninja Man refuse to do STING following promoter’s remarks

Just when it seemed like Dancehall’s biggest stage show might get a boost with appearances by various legends, a pair of them insist that they will not perform at this year’s edition of STING.

Dancehall superstars, Bounty Killer and Ninja Man are threatening to boycott STING 2012, citing disrespect by the stage show’s lead promoter, Isaiah Laing. This comes after an interview aired on Television Jamaica’s (TVJ) Entertainment Report in which Laing spoke of the potential clash between Bounty Killer and ‘Gaza’ deejay, Tommy Lee while speaking to his seemingly tenuous relationship with Ninja Man.

During the interview, Laing hinted that Tommy Lee could defeat Bounty Killer in a clash, comparing Lee to former heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson while suggesting that Bounty Killer could end up being Trevor Berbick, the late Jamaican-born heavyweight champion who Tyson defeated to win his first title in 1986.
STING promoter, Isaiah Laing talks the potential Bounty Killer vs. Tommy Lee clash at STING 2012 as well as Ninja Man on TVJ’s Entertainment Report.
Video: TVJ’s Entertainment Report (October 26, 2012) – Featuring Isaiah Lain

Furthermore, Laing diffused the possibility of bringing back Ninja Man and fellow Dancehall legend, Shabba Ranks to the popular stage show, stating that both artistes were difficult to work with.

The remarks angered Bounty Killer, who went on a Twitter tirade against Laing, implying that the Supreme Promotions head has disrespected many of the industry’s top names over the years while threatening that he would not perform at STING 2012.

“Who Laing think him be ppl??? I watched him dissed Beenie, dissed Vado dissed Kartel now dissed Ninja. Dissed me numerous times and finally dissed me again. A the nail inna that Sting coffin now that’s all folks!!” Bounty Killer tweeted.

He continued, “It’s official I Rodney Price a.k.a Bounty Killer won’t be doing STING this year, don’t know when again either ppl, Laing too bright to be comparing me to a insect inna music, and did they ask me if I’d clash anybody? Nope, but if it was just about the hype and money at this stage in my career I ‘d do it just for the fun of it, but it’s about demanding my respect and protecting my legacy and legendary iconic status.”

Ninja Man also intimated that will boycott STING 2012, suggesting in an interview with the Jamaica STAR that Laing has been undermining him for far too long.

“How Mr. Laing fi waan chat disrespectful tings bout me and then mi turn round and do him show? Him nah feed me, mi nah wuk Sting fi love nor money. Mi rich, mi nuh need him. No other deejay caan take my title a Sting. A mi and Super Cat pull the biggest crowd, so tell Mr Laing say him can gwaan, mi nuh need him,” he said.

“Mr Laing is a very ungrateful person. Him a try replace me, but him know say if me did deh pon Sting, any deejay weh try clash me wudda dead. Laing nuh know what it takes fi make Sting happen. Him say me nuh impress him, but mi nah try impress no man inna dancehall, mi try impress the girls dem. I don’t need Sting. Mi a businessman, mi nuh bruk and hungry.”

Ninja Man did hail friend and fellow deejay, Kiprich as an entertainer who can carry the mantle at STING, even claiming that the Clear singer would defeat Tommy Lee at STING in a clash.

For his part, Laing vehemently denies that he dissed either artiste in the ER interview, stating that he would replay the interview to see if he was misinterpreted.

The lineup for STING 2012 currently features Bounty Killer, Tommy Lee, Mavado, Kiprich, Aidonia, Popcaan and Khago. This year’s edition of STING will take place on December 26 (Boxing Day) at Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine.

Trials for Vybz Kartel and Elephant Man postponed

Two of Dancehall’s most coveted entertainers will have to wait a while to have their days in court to answer serious charges they stand accused of.

One of the highly anticipated murder trials involving Dancehall superstar, Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer has been postponed until December 3 of this year.

Kartel was due to answer charges pertaining the July 2011 killing of St. Catherine businessman, Barrington ‘Bossie’ Burton on Monday. However, the matter was put off when the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss’ appeared inside the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court in Kingston yesterday after one of his defense attorneys, Cristian Tavares-Finson revealed that prosecutors in the murder case indicated that they weren’t ready.

Kartel faces charges of murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm in the Barrington ‘Bossie’ Burton and was granted JA$3 million bail in the matter earlier this year. However, the former Portmore Empire leader cannot post that bail as he remains in custody for murder and obstruction of justice related charges pertaining to the killing of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams in August 2011.

Vybz Kartel will stand trial alongside four other men on November 5 with regards to the murder case. Seven days later, ‘Di Teacha’ will return to court to begin his conspiracy trial in which he, Vanessa ‘Gaza Slim’ Saddler and Andre ‘Pim Pim’ Henry are accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice in the Williams case.

Meanwhile, fellow Dancehall superstar, Oneil ‘Elephant Man’ Bryan has been issued a new court date in his ongoing rape case as the prominent deejay is scheduled for a February 11, 2013 appearance.

Like Kartel, Elephant Man appeared inside the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on Monday where he was due to answer to charges of rape and sexual assault stemming from an alleged incident this past January involving a 31-year-old woman at his St. Andrew home. However, the Pon Di River singer’s case was reportedly put off due to an outstanding forensic report, amongst other things.

Elephant Man will remain on JA$400,000 bail until the February date. The embattled deejay originally posted said bail in February.

Konshens Featured as Celebrity Guest Judge on Americas Next Top Model

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New York, NY (October 30, 2012). International dancehall recording artist Konshens continues to raise the bar. On Friday, October 26, 2012 Americas Next Top Model (ANTM) cycle 19 aired episode 9, which was filmed on the island of Jamaica.

Americas Next Top Model is a reality television series, which a number of women compete for the title of ANTM and a chance to start their own modeling career. Created and Co-produced by supermodel, talk show host Tyra Banks, Americas Next Top Model is now airing in over 25 countries.

Like every week the models are faced with a challenge and this week was no exception. For their challenge the ladies were split into pairs and told to choreograph their own dancehall routine. To assist as a celebrity judge, ANTM made sure to call on one of the islands hottest dancehall recording artist, Konshens.Konshens was selected as this weeks celebrity guest judge and his chart topping song ‘Do Sumn’ was the featured song for the challenge. Prior to creating their own routine the ladies were given a two minute preview of what a hardcore dancehall routine should look like by a few Jamaican dancers. Some key pointers were given to the models teaching them how to incorporate the ‘in your face’ ‘dancehall attitude’ into their routine.

Konshens critiqued the models and looked for the pair who best exemplified ‘dancehall swagger’. He selected the winners, who received $3000.00 worth of jewelry from designer Bianca Bartley of ‘Peace-is of Bianca’.

Lady Saw To Marry Cheating Boyfriend who just got another woman pregnant [video]

Dancehall reigning queen Lady Saw has decided to go public with her boyfriend John John infidelity.

Earlier this month rumors surfaced online, allegeing that John John, who has been dating Saw for 17 years, has gotten another woman pregnant.

The “I Got Your Man” deejay drop a few hints on Twitter just leaving fans to read between the lines.

“I knew it but was only waiting to confirm now it now it is confirm so where do I go from here,” Lady Saw tweeted.

“Good night ladies N gentlemen talk soon need to make plans for the big one this was just quick like the time some gal get from mi man ROL,” Lady Saw added on Twitter the following day.

In a recent interview with Irie FM Radio, Saw confirmed that her producer boyfriend did got another woman pregnant but she is okay with it.

“I am not allowing anyone to break up me and my man of 17 years,” Lady Saw said.

“Once he is not with another man I am fine… Everybody cheat because I am not perfect myself, who is perfect cast the first stone… I have so many miscarriages so maybe these are the sons that he should get and I couldn’t give him, so she can do the carrying and I do the marrying,” Lady Saw continues.

Lady Saw joined the ranks of Mr. Vegas and Vybz Kartel with cheating spouse drama

This would not be the first time news surfaced alleging that the dancehall queen boyfriend of 17 years, John John, cheated on her. But this time he got one of Lady Saw’s neighbours pregnant.

Last week Lady Saw dropped a few hints on Twitter

“Looking out from my balcony thinking to myself NO NOT AGAIN”

“Its been a sad day for me but we all have a story only problem is when will I tell mine.”

“I knew it but was only waiting to confirm now it now it is confirm so where do I go from here.”

“I was lied to by both party so who do I blame him or her or should I blame both.”

“I have a bad feeling something gonna happen to me but can’t put my finger on it what els could after what I just discover.” (Lady Saw Twitter)

There are some speculations that the female in question is a dancehall artist that John John do some producing work for.

Lady Saw told Mr. Vegas on Twitter that the two should do a song together and grieve together.

“Vagas mi have di baddest tune fi mi and u do but if we do it now it and heels on a go be # 1 N2 so maybe we should wait.” Saw tweeted.

But unlike Vegas, Lady Saw seems to get over her hurt very quickly.

“Some gal get mi man d–k fi a few minuets but mi get him heart forever ask him,” Saw wrote on Twitter.


Rapper P. Diddy SUV crushed by ‘serious accident’ in L.A

The rapper, real name Sean Combs, appeared to be arriving at the Beverly Hills hotel in California on Wednesday when his chauffeur-driven Cadillac Escalade collided with a Lexus RX vehicle. The incident took place at the Sunset Boulevard entrance to the property, reports.

Diddy was left lying injured on the ground on Wednesday after his SUV was crashed in a dramatic car accident.

Pictures show the rapper, real name Sean Combs, slumped on the floor as he recovered after his chauffeur-driven Cadillac Escalade collided with a Lexus RX vehicle.

Diddy’s luxury vehicle was left crushed and undriveable, and had to be towed away after the smash at the Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The windscreen was smashed and the front of the car caved in. The airbags were activated and parts of the vehicle littered the ground. Injured: Rapper Diddy was left slumped on the ground after a dramatic car accident involving his SUV and one other vehicle in Los Angeles on Wednesday

The front of Diddy’s luxury car was badly smashed up following the collision in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel

The 42-year-old was so shaken by the crash that he was seen lying down on the grass beside his vehicle.

He was accompanied by record label boss Andre Hurrell, who helped him to his feet.

A second passenger was also seen sprawled on the lawn beside the music mogul.

Despite complaining of unspecified pain Diddy refused to go in an ambulance, and told authorities he would ‘seek his own medical attention,’ according to police.

Taking down their particulars: A motorcycle officer interviewed Diddy and the drivers following their crash, with Andre Harrell stood alongside him

The driver of the Lexus received unspecified injuries and was taken to a hospital.

It is believed that employees of the upmarket hotel rushed to the aid of Diddy and his fellow passenger, who were then escorted through the hotel lobby.

Officers raced to the scene and took details from the passengers, including Diddy.

The walking ‘wounded’: It appears any injuries he in fact sustained were very minor as he did not go to hospital but insisted he would obtain his own medical treatment

According to police Diddy’s Cadillac was going west on Sunset Boulevard when it collided with a Lexus that made a left turn in front of the sport utility vehicle, though it is unclear who was at fault for the prang.

The accident was reported about 1pm on Wednesday Beverly Hills Police Lieutenant Lincoln Hoshino said in a statement.

Getting a tow: The vehicle was seen being prepared to be taken away to a local scrap yard or garage

Spotlight feature on Rising Dancehall Artiste Dotta Coppa

Jamaican artist Dotta Coppa, real name Marlon Morsby , is a young artist, that was born in St.Mary and grew up in Kingston.He has been singing since he was a child,
following his eldest brother that was a musician. His first and official recorded material was the blazing single – Life Or Death- for Foxxlink Production on the famous Life Or Death Riddim ,on which also Vybz Kartel and other Gaza members voiced.

After a short transition within and around the Portmore Empire Dotta Coppa started a journey of
research with young and very talented producer Prince Villa, the mastermind behind most of the jugglings for his songs.
Dotta Coppa is been working hard and consistently in the last couple of years. He is been delivering good tunes, adjusting his versatility and catering to all flavors. He has several smashing hits that went viral on the internet, like Moving On, a conscious reggae tune where he tells his story and what he experienced growing up in Jamaica being considered different for his albino complexion.Moving On is a song that won’t leave you indifferent if you just take the time to listen.
Some of his hits singles that went quickly viral on the internet, via soundcloud, youtube and similar are : Moving On, Life Or Death, Hunt Fi Mine, Your Love, Highest Grade .These are all tunes that helped him, independently, gain a growing number of fans that are delinked from the logic of the majors and follow the artists and the music they like through the growing number of music

blogs or social networks, like it happened already for artists once considered niche like Popcaan and Tommy Lee Sparta before him, from unknown to
quickly young dancehall stars.
In the last year Coppa worked even harder proving he is more than just a promise. He released his mixtape Coppa Mi Name that includes several different styles and the amazing Maximum Lyrics where he rhymes on a famous hip hop beat from last summer, killing it with no effort.

While in the past he was still defying his style and he deejayed on a lot of “gangster
tunes” gaining a reputation for defending himself in various clash where other artists where calling his name, in the current time his style and his musical elevation is being expanding and now he is building solid on different type of vibes :he can sing, deejay and he while he still has his shotta songs he also has tunes for the ladies, tunes for the airwave and tunes for the dance floor.

His first live show was in Westmoreland Ja. Silo Explosion and he got a big response from the crowd so he did more promotional shows and he was even was on Sting’s stage in 2009. His mixtape was featured in several websites and got good reviews and downloads response because his music links straight to his young audience and their everyday lives, they can relate to his vision. One of his latest is a collaboration with the Rizzing.
Coppa is not the average artist. His flow, his own story, his lyrics, his reasoning shouldn’t go unnoticed in a industry where one artist can became famous for one catchy single this artist proved and proved he has what it takes to bring it tot he next level in different occasions and he is now ready and available for studio sessions, as well as interviews, bookings and live stages in Jamaica. Dotta Coppa is the real deal. A young artist with raw talent still not fully explored in need to exposure.
Prince Villa is a young Jamaican producer that own his own studio and independent label called Prince Villa Records ands responsible for most of the beats for Coppa
and other young talents like Dominance and Dan Giovanni.