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Prime Minister finally responds to President Mugabe’s comments


Prime Minister Portia  Simpson-Miller has described comments by the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, as being “unfortunate, misguided and disrespectful of Jamaican men”.
News reports surfaced on the weekend on a radio station in Zimbabwe, that President Mugabe described Jamaica, as a country of “marijuana smokers, where women are now taking charge, since men are always sloshed or drunk”. Mr. Mugabe is reported to have said, that he wishes that Zimbabweans, never follows the footsteps of Jamaicans.
Mrs. Simpson-Miller’s response came by way of a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister Thursday afternoon.

Jah Cure featured on one of 2Pac single “All By Myself” [song]

He is arguably one of the most influential and compelling artistes, and 12 years after his death, Tupac is still creating waves.

The rapper is heard on a track with reggae superstar Jah Cure on a recently released song titled All By Myself.

Jah Cure previously worked with other international stars including Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Lil Wayne and Keri Hilson. Jah Cure said that it was his contacts in the United States that helped him to secure this latest accomplishment.

“My friends and contacts in the United States, had some Tupac tracks so me and my friend Pooh Bear wrote around his song and we put it together. This is a genuine collab, it’s not a remix,” Jah Cure said.


He went on to say that even when he was going through his struggles, he was a Tupac fan because they share a similar history.

All By Myself is available for free download and is one of the tracks on Jah Cure’s soon to be released World Cry album. With less than 24 hours since its release, Jah Cure said, that he has already been flooded with positive feedback from the track.

“Right now, my twitter page is lighting up. Disc jocks from all over the world have been sending me BB messages and emails saying that I should send them the link to the song. The words of the song are very important for fans to listen to,” he said.

With his vast catalogue which include hits such as Longing For, Unconditional Love and You’ll Never Find, Jah Cure says All By Myself is easily one of his favourites.

“It’s one of my favourites. Before I even knew I was gonna have the opportunity to collaborate with Tupac. He was one of my favourite artistes. It’s good to see the hip-hop artistes recognising me. Drake sampled one of my songs and I recently received my cheque for it so I have to say thanks to Drake. America is loving me, and I love them right back. God bless the day when I can enter that country, cause I know I’ll be getting a good response,” he said.

Chris Brown shows battered face woman tattoo on his neck looking like Rihanna

Chris Brown may have rekindled his romance with Rihanna, but he says a shocking new tattoo on his neck isn’t an homage to his former flame despite the eerie resemblance.
The famously hot-tempered R&B star showed off some fresh ink on the red carpet earlier this month, displaying a large tattoo of a woman’s face on the side of his neck.

The black-and-white image shows a woman whose bone structure, arched eyebrows and full lips bear a striking similarity to Brown’s onetime girlfriend Rihanna, but the tattoo version bears the scars of a serious beating.

Her full lips are covered in stitches while she looks like she has a black eye and bruising on the right side of her face.

Sources told TMZ the tattoo is not meant to portray Rihanna, but “a random woman.”

Nevertheless, the image is an unpleasant reminder of the infamous nightBrown brutally assaulted Rihanna in 2009 after the Grammy Awards, causing her to be hospitalized with bruises on her face.

Hip Hop Producer Hertz drops new mixtape Smoke Break: Vol. 6

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Hertz the Descendent & Seanny Blaze are at it again as they now present the 6th installment in the “Smoke Break” mixtape series, “Sounds of the INDIEstry”. This compilation mixed by DJ Code Blue is entirely comprised of a collection of Independent/Underground MCs, producers, DJs, engineers, studios, artists, supporters, etc. in a fusion of old school Hip Hop/Rap mixed with contemporary sounds & sub-genres.

The front cover art was done on site in the Orlando, FL area by local graffiti and tattoo artist Ergasm.

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“Nuh come chat nuh f—ry” says Bounty Killer in tweet to Tommy Lee

Highly regarded Dancehall legend, Bounty Killer doesn’t seem to be riding on the ever-growing Tommy Lee bandwagon after the Alliance leader called out the popular Gaza artiste regarding his persona and lyrical content.

Tommy Lee rose to prominence due to his unique, intimidating sound as well as him self-proclaimed ‘gothic’ type of Dancehall in which he sometimes wears masks in his music videos. However, that ‘dark’ form of Dancehall has rubbed many industry players the wrong way, including Bounty Killer, who tweeted out a link making reference to the ‘Sparta’persona that Tommy Lee sports.

Bounty Killer then issued a statement, through Alliance Next Generation manager, Cross Cris explaining his reservations against Tommy Lee and other artistes who sing similar lyrics.

“Tired a dem now yow every man know a me say youths fi run the place, but nuh come chat nuh f****y bout freak and devil or demon, ago kill off some a dem, so when a man ago sing certain things him nuh think say nobody was gonna have a problem wid him argument dem, a when since u can just come inna dancehall and a bring een demon ppl freely so? how long we have we dancehall nice and pure mad mi mad to bloodc****, some a dem too brite and no big man inna dancehall naah stand up and tell dem say dat nuh accepted, ppl mi fight fi dancehall wid mi life and say f**k career dem naah mash it up enuh!” the statement read.

Here we have a new track “RUN OUT” with bounty killer and Bling Dawg

Summer Time – Popeye Caution & Zeke Don [Official Video]

Another Imperial production is dominating the Dancehall in South Florida ,Jamaica and worldwide as the Hit single “Summer Time” with Popey Caution and Zeke Don takes over,getting heavy rotation and lots of request on 99jamz Miami and Hot 97 New York.

Both artiste decided it’s time for the video and it’s finally here.Check out Summer time right here. world primire!!!!

New Dancehall Artiste Navino Bottled

Navino Said he was threatened by members of Aidonia’s entourage. He has distanced himself from Aidonia since leaving JOP, however he says Aidonia’s cronies are still looking to stir up trouble. The artiste says he was at a party on Old Harbour Road where he performed before Aidonia, while aidonia was passing a member of the entourage said wherever they saw him a ‘Gunshot’. He said that following the verbal exchange a bottle was thrown in his direction.

Navino believes that the incident might have occurred because of a song he did called Who God Bless, which speaks of his exit from the JOP camp.

Navino says this incident will not hinder him from doing good music and he won’t turn to a life of crime. He also said that since leaving JOP his career has been better and he doesn’t see the need for the violent behavior towards him as he and Aidonia are doing their own separate business.