The legendary 5-piece reggae group Morgan Heritage release their brand new digital EP The Return today, September 25. After various solo projects, Morgan Heritage is also preparing for their first new studio album in four years, slated to drop at the top of 2013. The 4-song EP, produced by Shane Brown, gives fans a taste of whats to come and is on the heels of the group’s massively successful Europe tour spanning Holland, Sweden, France, Italy, England Belgium, Spain and Poland. The band rocked major stage shows including The Garance Reggae festival to over 50,000 fans in the south of France and Indigo2 at London’s famed O2 arena during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Incorporating live footage from the tour and on the road, Morgan Heritage unleash their brand new video from the EP’s opening title track “The Return.” Check out the world premiere today on Boomshots and support on Complex.

Born in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, Morgan Heritage is comprised of reggae veteran Denroy Morgan’s five offspring – Una Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Peetah Morgan (vocals), Roy “Gramps” Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Nakhamyah “Lukes” Morgan (rhythm guitar) and Memmalatel “Mr. Mojo” Morgan (percussion). Growing up with intensive vocal and instrumental training, the Morgan family was exposed to everything from the godfathers of roots reggae to top 40 U.S. radio. The band was signed to MCA Records in the 90’s, triggering one of the most impressive streaks in modern-day reggae. For over 15 years, the band has racked up several hits and albums in Jamaica and abroad – working with highly respected Jamaican producers, such as Lloyd “King Jammy” James and Bobby Digital – and also had respective solo careers and music ventures of their own.

Is Rising Dancehall Artiste Wasp In Danger?

Reports are that dancehall artiste Wasp now fears for his life after friends of the artiste warned him that men from a neighbouring community were after him.

It is said that, according to the artiste, this all started after an incident occurred in Cassia Park, which left one man dead and another crippled.

It is said that he went on to say that a popular selector in the Cassia Park area was killed and that he has heard that he is next on the gunmen’s list.

It is said that although he has not been receiving death threats sent to his phone, the deejay told sources that a reliable source has informed him that the gunmen were coming for him.

According to reports Wasp went on to say that it would have been better if they had reached out to him so that they could come to a peaceful resolution over the matter.

Due to the threats on his life, it is said that Wasp stated that his parents have had to leave the area because their lives were also in danger.

War on the horizon? – ANG throws down challenge to Tommy Lee

The Bounty Killer-led Alliance Next Generation (ANG) has launched a musical attack on Vybz Kartel’s protége, Tommy Lee, following the release of the song Goat Head.

The song is believed to be aimed at Bounty Killer.

According to ANG, any artiste who wants to challenge Bounty Killer has to deal with them first.

So far, five members of ANG have released songs geared at defending Bounty Killer.

Kalado is featured in a song with fellow Alliance member KipRich called War Fi God which challenges Tommy Lee’s demonic lyrics; Pattexx has a single called Rise Di Beast in which he warns Tommy Lee to stop or else; Prince Pin’s effort titled Demon A Dead pronounces death on Tommy Lee’s demon moniker; Nymron’s single Hog Head is an obvious counteraction to Tommy Lee’s Goat Head; and finally Iyara’s Murda Dem defends Bounty Killer’s honour.

“Mi nuh duh a song fi dis Tommy Lee, mi duh a song fi defend the General. Tommy Lee guh call di General name suh him haffi pass me fuss,” Iyara said.

Iyara says if Tommy Lee wants to prove his musical worth he should challenge him at Sting.

“Mi nah duh mi song fi get nuh hype offa Tommy Lee because mi have mi own career a focus pan. Mi duh song fi guh straight a Sting cross the waters. Mi nuh duh song mi aggo only play pon mixtape and pon corner, a straight pon di battlefield a Sting. Some bwoy a call up people name and fraid fi defend it a Sting. Wi nah start war or violence but wi a defend wi camp – so from yu call di boss name wi coming at yu,” Iyara said.

Iyara also issued his and ANG’s official warning to Tommy Lee and his management.

“Him pass him place and call di general name and if him sing another song mi have another one. Worse if him call my name him mek a sad mistake. Suh mek Heavy D dem gwaan boost yu because career a di easiest thing fi kill but the hardest fi buil’,” he said.

Ghost writer and ANG member Nymron shared similar views. Nymron says the camp has no hatred for Tommy Lee, however Tommy Lee has no place insulting Bounty Killer.

“Wi nuh have nuh hatred against Tommy Lee, mi respect him talent but nuh artiste neva bring demon inna wi good good dancehall. Bounty Killer made a mature speech as an elder and icon to say it’s wrong and Tommy Lee decided to respond negatively so I decided to defend the camp. It would look a way fi Tommy Lee a dis the General and wi nuh seh nutt’n,” he continued.

“Yu mus know seh a God mek yu and love God and live, hate him and die, a just morals. Yu have talent suh jus duh music and if yu bad call one a wi name cuz yu nuh inna Killer class,” Nymron said.

Iyara is expected to tour Canada for five weeks in October and Nymron is promoting his single Swear, produced by PayDay Music.

“And di people dem pon YouTube weh a chat bout wi a look hype offa Tommy Lee know weh unno a seh. Mi a guh England and US guh perform long time and Tommy Lee just guh England wha day, a long time wi a duh dis, suh know dat,” Nymron said.

Big tune with Classical video from Imperial Alley Cat

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Busy Signal gets sentence to six-months

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Reggae singer Busy Signal was today sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in a Minnesota court in the United States. But he will be out of jail in two months’ time because he has already served four months in lockup, which is considered time served.

The artiste, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon, was sentenced on a charge of failure to show up for trial, following his guilty plea in July.

Busy Signal, 33, was in February 2002 slapped with two counts of cocaine-related charges, in the US, which carry a sentence of at least 15 years in prison.

He, however, fled the US before his trial was to begin that year, causing a warrant to be issued for his arrest.

The plea comes exactly a month after the artiste was extradited to the United States when he decided against challenging his extradition in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.

He was detained by authorities in London last May and accused of travelling with false documents, including a passport that listed a different name. He returned to Kingston where he was arrested at the airport.

Elephant Man’s brother gets life for murder

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Brother of popular entertainer ‘Elephant Man’ and another man were this afternoon sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of ‘Good Samaritan’ couple Jhanel Whyte and Tyawo McKenzie in 2008.

In handing down the sentence in the Home Circuit Court Justice Lloyd Hibbert ordered that the men — Shane Brown and Andre Ennis, the brother of the entertainer — serve 50 years of their sentence before becoming eligible for parole.

Brown and Ennis were convicted by a panel of 12 jurors who deliberated for approximately four hours after hearing several days of evidence.

The two were jointly charged with George Cooper for the murder, but Cooper later turned a state witness after pleading guilty to a lesser charge for which he is now serving eight years behind bars.

The three men are said to have participated in the abduction and subsequent brutal murders in November 2008 of the couple who had taken medicine, among other things, to the three men following a motor vehicle accident.

During the week of November 4, Whyte and McKenzie were travelling together in a motor vehicle and met in an accident with Ennis and Cooper, who were travelling along Border Avenue in St Andrew on a motorcycle. The couple took the men to the University Hospital where they were treated and released.

The following day, it is alleged, arrangements were made for the couple to take medication and crutches to the injured men at an apartment in Havendale. However, the couple was never seen alive again after making the trip.

Their bodies were subsequently found on November 9 in bushes at Mount Salus, Red Hills, with their throats slashed.


Tommy Lee Disses Bounty. Calls him a “Goathead” Video

If you follow dancehall, you’ve probably heard about Bounty Killer’s recent comments about Tommy Lee Sparta, and his “Gothic Dancehall” style. Lee has now issued his response in the form of the new single “Goathead,” going after the Grung Gaad with a statement even stronger than we’d imagined. Tommy Lee’s emergence as dancehall’s hot-button artist has been swift and, up until now, he’s avoided clashing. In fact, when I met him this summer he intimated to me that the intent of his demonic lyrics is to serve as a warning for other artists to stay far from him, rather than to be taken literally. It will be interesting to see if he’s cut out for this clashing thing, when Bounty inevitably responds. Now that all eyes in dancehall are on him, many people will be coming for him.

Madonna takes shot at Lady Gaga

Madonna Is Not Letting Go Of The Queen Of Pop Crown Just Yet!: First, Elton John slams her (calling her a “fairground stripper” and criticising how she’s spoken about Lady Gaga). Now Madonna has taken a shot at Gaga, but fear not, the dig was wrapped in a possible compliment.

According to Yahoo news, during Madonna’s “MDNA” tour stop in Atlantic City over the weekend, Madge dedicated her song, Masterpiece, to her fellow pop star. “I love her. I love her. I do love her. Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” Madonna told the crowd. But could there be peace on the horizon for Madge and Gaga? According to Madonna, she thinks eventually she’ll share the stage with the “Born This Way” singer. “And one day, very soon, we’re gonna be on stage together. Just wait,” Madonna added.